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Save on Your European Vacation

"It becomes increasing more expensive to travel to Europe as the dollar declines. There is some good news, however. This article will list some ways to save money on your vacation to Europe without sacrificing your comfort or pleasure.

* Airfare - Dare to Compare. Airfare can be one of the largest costs of your trip, so make sure you plan your trip early and comparison shop with different airlines and different online travel brokers. * Advance Flight Planning - There is another way to save big on airfare and it has to do with when you plan and when you fly! Planning your trip in advance will save you a great deal of money.
Ticket prices climb higher as flight day approaches. Also consider flying very early in the morning or later in the evening and during off-peak travel days and dates. The more you save on airfare the more you can spend enjoying your vacation!

* Vacation Package - A vacation package can help save a great deal of money on vacations as well. For example, Dream Team Resorts enables its members to save $1,500-$3,000 on a vacation when compared wtih internet sites such as Orbitz or Members pay on $298-799 for an entire week at a 3-5-star resort.

* Save on transportation at your destination. If you?ve done your research, you can plan your sightseeing and your transportation to include walking tours, sightseeing tours, guided group tours, etc., so that you won?t need to rent a car. This will offer a great saving for you as well.

* Dollar Exchange - If you are taking a tour of Europe, keep in mind that the exchange rate for the dollar will vary from one country to the next. Watch out of those bargains and (mentally) translate the foreign currency into dollars before making the purchase!

* Free and Low-Cost Fun - There are always free fun things to do. The European countryside is beautiful and that is always free to enjoy as are all activities in nature!

Friendly local residents are also good resources to help you discover low-cost activities to enjoy as well!

There are many ways to save money while travelling in Europe. Planning and awareness of the exchange rates as you spend are two of the most important considerations to save you money on your European trip."

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